Gym Style Trends


I came across this wonderful YouTube video from the guys and gals over at and thought I would share it. It really does show how much has changed in what we wear over the years as fashion and society changes. You will also notice that the exercises we do to get fit have also changed undoubtedly as we learn more and more about what works and what doesn’t.

More recently there has been a huge surge in gym wear and lifestyle brands who cater towards the fitness minded individual. It wasn’t too long ago when there were rather limited options in what you could wear. The surge in variety has no doubt been fuelled by fitness and living a healthy lifestyle becoming part of the mainstream and generally accepted as something you should definitely do.

In terms of options within the UK we are quite lucky. Of course we have all of the big name brands like Nike and Adidas but we are also home to some of the largest purely gym wear brands in the World such as Gymshark, Physiq Apparel, Witness The Fitness to name but a few. We also have the brand Body Engineers in Europe so I can clearly say that we are leading the World when it comes to gym clothing.

Gymshark is my personal favourite and they first came to my attention when one of their sponsored athletes, Lex Fitness, mentioned them on his YouTube channel. He has a 10% voucher code you can use which is LEX10 or you can get a wider range of Gymshark discount code here. Gymshark was actually formed back in 2012, would you believe, by 2 British teenagers and have grown massively in 4 short years to be the largest brand of their kind. This was very much thanks to the likes of their social media following of their athletes such as Steve Cook and Matt Ogus. Whilst they started out with a men’s line they have expanded it into a substantial women’s line as well including hoodies, sports bras, leggings etc They really do have some innovative designs and are leading the way with their seamless range. The quality is also very good and the material is durable.

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